Engineering the best Information Systems

Enabling informed decisions for successful companies

The best Information Systems can only be created by means of a comprehensive, formal engineering methodology to which everyone professionally commits.

Not to have a plan, i.e a thoroughly thought through engineered solution, is somewhat naive and irresponsible. The most sophisticated buildings, plants, equipment, vehicles and electronic devices are being engineered today as a normal business activity. Yet, because computers are seen as an extension to a mere calculator and as information systems, the underlying database and technologies are seen as just another layout in a spreadsheet.


  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Experimentation
  • Value Seeking
  • Beneficiality
  • Value for Money

Competent People

  • Creative
  • Know-How
  • Formal Approaches
  • Proven Abilities
  • Vast Experience
  • Quality Seeking
  • Self Actualization

Information technology gets owned by the business especially the financial department. Consequently, the IT department then often develops as a cross breed of job hoppers, opportunists who see quick money making opportunities with much less concern for the architectural and quality considerations. Surely there must be a more systematic way of creating high quality, high performance, long lasting systems. Infomet was established to meet this very challenge.

Infomet has been in existence since 1985 which means 34 years of continued excellence. It has re-engineered itself from a Systems Engineering and Methodology company, into a Business and Information Systems Solution delivery organisation, specifically focusing on the Banking and Financial Services Industry. It has an excellent infrastructure located at various locations (all) around the world (including Netherlands, Luxembourg and Australia), as well as an extensive asset base of both tangible and intangible assets.

The brand is well known in South Africa, with a well-established reputation of being able to engineer quality solutions for complex problems in the SME and Corporate Markets. Infomet has served over 800 Clients of which 8 are major Financial Institutions. Infomet focuses on Information Delivery Solutions in specialised sectors such as Banking, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce based Systems as well as Operational Transactioning Systems.

What we do

These are the areas Infomet focusses on:

  • Infomet provides sophisticated, high performance computing platforms and fully automated systems in the following areas:
    • Information Delivery Solutions
    • Operational Transactioning Solutions
  • Primarily for various types of organizations such as:
    • Large Corporates
    • Government and Parastatals
    • Small and Medium Enterprise Organizations
  • Serving various industry sectors including:
    • Banking Solutions
    • Investment Management Solutions
    • Financial Services Solutions
  • Targeting these specific audiences:
    • Internal to the Organization
      • Strategic type Information
      • Tactical type Information
      • Operation type Information
    • External to the Organization
      • Statutory type Information
      • Regulatory type Information
      • Tax type Information
      • Investor and Analyst type Information

Our Vision

Infomet Vision

Infomet presents itself as an Innovation Technology Partner in the domain of Information Systems, whether it is information delivery or transactional systems to various market industries and segments.

It is our belief that innovation is key to the future specialised sectors, including sectors such as Banking, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, and E-Commerce based Systems - both Information Systems and the supporting Business Processes. The world requires different Innovative Information Delivery Solutions that can serve the people at all levels with the correct and relevant information at the right time in the right format. With continuously fluctuating trends such as globalisation, changes to regulations, changes within payment segments, and changes to customer relationships towards banking industries (due to new markets, models and technologies), we stand for Innovations that improve the Business and Customer experiences.

Think Different

Think Different

There is no point going into the future looking into the rear-view mirror.

The companies which are reshaping the future are the companies who are researching, creating and innovating the future. Holistic thinking, and a fundamental understanding of human needs and behaviour are required. Most legacy systems are a reflection of thinking and technologies of the past. Real innovation only comes when the society as a collaborative unit, can be convinced to buy into technologies and products which require paradigm shifts.

Our Mission

Infomet Vision

Out of the box Information Delivery Solutions and Operational Transactioning Systems for client centric e-Value networks; need cycle fulfilment; wealth management; financial services; insurance; money matters.

Our mission is to provide high quality BI and MI to the company's internal audience at a strategic, tactical and operational level, as well as all other relevant information to the external audiences in the various specialised sectors. We believe that using complete, clean, integrated, generalised with high integrity data, should be the basis from which Intelligent Information is provided. We feel that providing this information should be affordable and simple. We believe Information Technology providers have a responsibility to supply companies with better tools and mechanisms to provide Intelligent Information from structured and unstructured data (Applying Data Science Techniques, Incorporation of Big Data and Information Visualization). Our mission is to provide better insights in company data (structured) and market external data (unstructured) for various specialised sectors. This will enable companies to strategically position themselves better in their respective operating environment.

The Road Map

Think Different

Fearless into the future.

The main goals for the future are to transform the companies to a suitable set of companies which are more appropriately equipped for what we need to achieve.

  1. Establish Training programmes in Europe.
  2. Expanding the resource base in Luxembourg, Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.
  3. Investment Capital for new Innovation Programmes.
  4. Research and Development Programmes for New Products.
  5. Acquisition of Component Technologies which can accelerate our Offerings.
  6. Releasing Ukunye as an on-line e-Value Network.

Our Strategy

Infomet Vision

Since we are newcomers on the international scene, it is crucial to understand how we will enable our group.

Driven by highly capable individuals, we are expanding to new regions. We are currently working to strengthen our activities in Netherlands and Luxembourg and there are plans for expansion to other European regions in the coming years. We are also strongly committed to further development of the market segments: Financial Services such as Wealth Management including Investment Management; Asset, Life and Risk Event Insurance; Health Protection, Insurance Schemes as well as the Banking industries. We continuously invest in Information Innovations. To promote a sustainable, organic growth of our company, we take the time up front to determine whether we are a good fit for the client. If a new client has not worked with business engineers before, it is imperative that they are open to collaboration and that they understand what Business and Information Technology can do for their company.

Our Growth Steps

Think Different

One small step for man one giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong

Leverage existing customer base. Take-on many more smaller projects to create experience with our workers, more intense research. Intensify specifications for Offerings. Split off and outsource specialization areas. More intense funding. Market Development. Focus on internationalizations through an appropriate Group Company Structure.

Differentiation Factors

We are often asked: "Who is your main competition?". The answer lies in the set of differentiating factors listed below but we do not really have competitors. More often those that appear to be, form strategic alliances, collaborative efforts and joint ventures with us.

  • Maestros in Engineering Data and Information Architectures.
  • Able to establish integrated high performance Information Platforms.
  • Enabling a wide range of Information Creation and Visualization Technologies and Tools.
  • Able to leverage high performance computing platforms for real-time and near real-time delivery of Information.
  • Using Strategic Enablement Programme Approaches.
  • Covering all stages and phases of an entire programme through our Specific Project Life Cycles which can also be used as a guide through a programme.
  • Using Formal Work Methods and Techniques.
  • Following Infomet's full Project Management and Software Engineering Methodology.
  • Providing Accompanying Tools to deal properly and holistically with all aspects of the problem.
  • Skilled resources, experts and specialists to deliver the solution.

Featured Projects

Wealth Creator and Investment Management

Wealth Creator

This is based on an e-Value Network on cloud based applications driven from a Stakeholder Centric perspective. The life cycle of the customer is core to the manner into which entities are co-opted into a chain of collaborative activities to fulfil the entire set of need.

Insurance Administration and Reporting


Structuring data around a formal "deal structure" which can actuarially be better processed for future decision making.

Government Pension Fund Administration


Accommodating the various custom rules whilst still maintaining the sound accounting and responsibility principles. Resolving the battle between whether pension is a contribution pool or a guaranteed safeguarded investment.

Banking and Compliance Network in Africa

Banking Services

A big data project, sourcing vast amounts of data in order to transform all into common standardized structures to reconstruct and restate all true information so owners and depositors can truly understand their asset and be protected.

Latest News

  • January, 2017

    Infomet completes the object orientated middle-tier of the GBM solution.

  • January, 2017

    Infomet releases a new version of the Infomet Toolset.

  • January, 2017

    Infomet releases the Data Scientists Training Programme.

  • December, 2016

    Infomet completes the design phase of the Information Delivery System for the GEPF(Government Employee Pension Fund).

  • December, 2016

    Infomet appoints several graduates as Jr. Data Scientists.

  • October, 2016

    Infomet delivers Banking-in-a-Box to Nedbank Namibia and immediately with this release also interests various other banks in the Info-box Solution.

  • October, 2016

    Infomet recruits and appoints four new Data Scientists.

  • September, 2016

    Infomet relocates to bigger offices in order to accommodate more Software Factory teams, a bigger Data Center and Training Facilities.

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