2. Chairman Message
Infomet - a Great Organization
An organization has to do what survival demands. It has to adapt to tight requirements of the market, and it has to do it sooner rather than later. But mere survival is a so-so aspiration. Anybody can survive in some way or another, even the skid-row bum. The trick is to survive gallantly, to feel the surging impulse of commercial mastery; not just to experience the sweet smell of success, but to have the visceral feel of entrepreneurial greatness.
No organization can achieve greatness without a vigorous leader who is driven onward by his own pulsing will to succeed. He has to have a vision of grandeur, a vision that can produce eager followers in vast numbers. In business, the followers are the customers. To produce these customers, the entire corporation must be viewed as a customer-creating and customer- satisfying organization. Management must think of itself not as producing products, but as providing customer value satisfactions. It must push this idea (and everything it means and requires) into every hook and cranny of the organization. It has to do this continuously and with the kind of flair that excites and stimulates the people in it. Otherwise, the company will be merely a series of pigeon tilled arts, with no consolidated sense of purpose or direction.
The organization must learn to think of itself not as producing goods or services but as serving a buying customer, as doing the things that will make people want to do business with it. And the chief executive himself has the inescapable responsibility for creating this environment, this viewpoint, this attitude, this aspiration. He himself must set the company's style, its direction, and its goals. This means he has to know precisely where he himself wants to go, and to make sure the whole organization is enthusiastically aware of where that is. It is a first prerequisite of leadership, for him to be the master road builder, and for others to follow his direction, style and craftsmanship.
If any road is okay, the chief executive might as well pack his attaché and go fishing. If an organization does not know or care where it is going, it does not need to advertise that fact with a ceremonial figurehead. Everybody will notice it soon enough.
Our greatest assets in Infomet are our hearts and our minds. We are kind people that truly understand the responsibility of using our God given talents to the benefit of all. We are thankful for having good minds and strive to apply this creatively and innovatively to develop the know- how to solve business system problems in the most outstanding manner possible,
We believe that that since people spend most of their time at work, it must be a pleasurable and learning experience. Our ability to organize ourselves productively and profitably is at the end what evolves business society, and what creates a better world for everyone to live in.
I see a great future for Infomet. It has always been a great organization, it still is, and it will always be.
(Based on some text from an Unknown Author)
Pieter Viljoen. Chairman Infomet