3. Engagement Center
The Engagement Centre is the central nervous system of Infomet and the single point of contact for our clients. This is where we address our clients’ needs in a holistic and co-ordinated manner through our various efforts or engagements.
Carl Koen, who heads up this division, is a professional Enterprise Programme and Projects Director. This competency ensures that our marketing and sales efforts remain focused and responsible.
The Infomet Engagement Centre co-ordinates and collaborates with the other Solution Centre’s which provide our clients with numerous offerings in order to address their business challenges. On the one side, Infomet provides products and services to enable a project team to develop solutions; on the other side, Infomet provides a set of pre-developed solutions for specific sectors in the industry.
The Consulting Centre assists clients to formulate their requirements and process it into formal models and specifications for the business solution.
The Product Centre provides pre-developed packaged solutions or parts thereof.
The Development Centre provides a software factory capability, which in collaboration with the development teams placed at the client site, is able to engineer and develop the software and database systems that are necessary for implementation at the clients’ site.
The Business Centre provides outsourced applications services on an e- business platform for clients who do not wish to execute and maintain the application on their own site.
The Training Centre provides the necessary programmes and courses to skill either the technical consultants as well as developers on the one side; as well as the actual business participants such as managers, process owners and users of the application solution, on the other side.
These Centre’s work together to provide integrated solutions in a highly coherent manner.
Infomet is traditionally known as a specialist methodology company, and in this role it distinguished itself by becoming a consulting company to consultants and consultant organizations in the field of business and system engineering, as well as project management.
Infomet has an illustrious track record in the design and build of complex systems, as well as the integration of such systems within enterprise architectures of most of the blue chip companies in South Africa. Infomet also achieved notable global recognition as a subject specialist in system methodologies with regard to its engagement with IBM throughout Europe and the United States of America.
Infomet believes that the ICT Market has matured in its requirement for methodology training, and now offers training to enhance project communication and improved project delivery. Should customers, however, require the induction of Infomet as a baseline Methodology Set, the full suite training can be presented.
The core offering of Infomet today, is the Compliancy Offering Suite for the Financial Services Industry. The Suite covers customized compliance enabled products, ranging from Compliancy awareness courses such as Basel II, Credit Risk, DI-Statutory-, and IFRS- Reporting, to Business and System Implementation Strategies, as well as enabling Compliance Reporting Applications and Platforms. Infomet offers a vertical compliance solution, covering the entire architectural stack that will enable enterprises in the Financial Services Industry to address the statutory need for complex compliance reporting.
The difference with Infomet today as compared to its previous market approach is that it uses its System and Project Management Methodologies to develop these offerings, thereby ensuring a high degree of system and implementation integrity; which are prerequisite principles in the Compliancy market.
Below is the key contact person for the Engagement Centre of Infomet. He may be contacted at the number listed below:
Carl Koen
E Mail:
Mobile: +27 83 679 9486